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Footy Fever Without the Waste: Four Tips to Enjoy Footy Without the Plastic

There are two passions in our house – sport and waste reduction. Growing up in Melbourne it’s hard not to become engulfed by Aussie rules footy. Whether it’s having a kick at the park or going to watch an AFL game live, footy is everywhere.

And so is waste.


It’s easy for time to get away and then get swept up with ‘convenient’ options. But with a little bit of simple planning and organization we can all enjoy our footy experiences without creating a truckload of waste. Here’s how we do it in our family.


Plan the Park Time

With two young boys we spend a LOT of time at the park kicking balls. We always make sure we take our Stainless Steel drink bottles filled to the brim, along with a piece of fruit and some snacks packed in our containers.

This eliminates the need to ‘buy on the run’, saving us time, money and plastic!


Stainless Steel Reusable Drink Bottles | Plastic Free Family Activities


Embrace the Classics in a New Low Waste Way

In 2020 there unfortunately have been no live AFL games to watch in our state but we have managed to get out and watch some local footy.


There’s nothing more traditional than a pie & sauce at the footy. We have been known to swing by the bakery on the way to a game and collect some pies in our container, bringing the sauce from home to avoid the individually wrapped sachet. 


Meat Pie and Sauce | Plastic Free Family Activities

 Enjoying some meat pies and footy at the Kingston Twin Ovals in Tasmania

If that’s not possible then packing up the sangas and a homemade treat is the way to go. Not only a healthier option but waste free too!


Add a New Staple to your Footy Kit

For those cold winter days at the footy a hot drink is a must. If you can’t be bothered with the thermos (and let’s face it who can these days?) then make sure you slip your reusable coffee cup into your bag so you can warm up with a guilt free coffee, or in my case a hot chocolate!


For the kids it’s all about the stainless steel water bottle. Our kids are still young enough that they haven’t cottoned on to soft drinks yet!! If yours have you might like to add a couple of stainless steel metal straws to the backpack.


Grand Final Footy Feast Swaps

With the Grand Final set for Queensland, we will be settling in on the couch to watch. But not before we fire up the BBQ with snags from the butcher bought in containers, and bread from the bakery (using Reuze It bread bags of course) will be on the menu.


For snacks during the game the potato chips will be left on the bench this year with homemade popcorn from the bulk food store getting the nod.


Popcorn in Silicone Muffin Moulds | Plastic Free Family Activities


We love a good platter so a trip to the deli for some cheese, olives and cold meat will be a must. Again, we use our containers to eliminate the packaging. We may even become real traditionalists and cook up some of Nanna’s Scones to serve at half time.



  1. Fill up the water bottles and pack some snacks when heading to the park for a kick

  2. Pop some pies from the bakery in a container as you head to a match. Don't forget the sauce from home!

  3. Pop some metal straws and your reusable coffee cup in your footy kit for guilt free drinks

  4. Swap potato chips for home-popped popcorn in your grand final feast


So whether you are enjoying a kick of the footy with the family or watching the professionals work their craft, footy can be enjoyed by all, including the environment.


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