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Organic Cotton vs Cotton: The benefits of choosing organic cotton for you and the environment

When I hear the words Organic Cotton I instantly think soft and luxurious. I also think “expensive”. Growing up I always wondered why people would spend more on organic cotton items when there was a cheaper, cotton option available.

As I’ve taken this journey to a low waste lifestyle it has led me to learn more about where things come from, how things are made and what impact they have. And now we stock a number of organic cotton products like organic cotton bread bags and shopping bags. Read on to find out why our family now invests in organic cotton rather than the cheaper traditional alternative.



Why Organic Cotton?

The term organic simply means made naturally, without the use of man made chemicals. Think organic food, now a common alternative.

For most the decision on whether to purchase organic cotton over standard cotton comes down to the cost. But there’s far more than the cost to consider - but let us explain.




Organic cotton products are made without nasty chemicals that are usually present during the traditional cotton production. The other upside of the elimination of synthetic chemicals like pesticides and fertilisers? Less water pollution!


Carbon Footprint

Organic Cotton crops have a lower carbon footprint meaning they’re better for the environment. The elimination of those nitrous dioxide-releasing fertilisers and pesticides means there are 46% less greenhouse gas emissions than the traditional cotton farming


Heath and Safety

Not only is it better for the environment, eliminating the chemicals protects the health and safety of the farmers. Traditional cotton farming has high exposure to toxic chemicals leaving farmers at risk of health complications. Farming organically strips this risk away.


Water Usage

Did you know that organic cotton uses far less water in production than cotton? The Soil Association found it can be grown using 91% less water than cotton!!


It’s for these reasons that we chose to use Organic Cotton products in our Reuze It range. We offer an Organic Cotton Mesh Shopping Bag, Organic Cotton Produce Bags, Organic Cotton Bread bag and our Reusable Fabric Wrap is made from Organic Cotton also. 


Once you’ve made the decision to invest in organic cotton you want to make sure you’re treating it right to ensure it lasts as long as possible.



Convinced already? Take a look at our range of organic cotton bags



How to Care for your Organic Cotton Products

Organic Cotton can shrink as it hasn’t been treated with any chemicals. So to avoid this make sure you only wash in cold water with like colours, reshape when wet and dry on the clothes line.

Definitely avoid the dryer! 


End of life

Organic cotton is made in nature and will therefore break down in nature. So once you’re done with your organic cotton product simply pop it into the compost. If organic cotton does end up in landfill it will still degrade, it just takes longer.


So upon educating myself on organic cotton we found it to be a winner. We are totally happy to spend a little more to choose an alternative that is better for the environment and the health and safety of the cotton farmers. And it’s an easy way to bring a little luxury into our everyday low waste lifestyle



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