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5 Reasons to Switch to Stainless Steel Pegs

Even though being an eco-friendly product is pretty important to us, and likely to you too, we love a product that is so much more.

Enter Pincinox stainless steel pegs.

We get it. The plastic/wooden pegs are right there in the supermarket and so cheap (spoiler: there’s a reason for that). But once you make the switch, you won’t look back. Here’s five reasons why:


Reason One: Stainless Steel Pegs Last Longer

It’s no secret that stainless steel is stronger than plastic, but Pincinox stainless steel clothes pegs are made from high-quality industrial-grade stainless steel and they take that strength to a whole new level!



Pincinox Stainless Steel Pegs | Reuze It | Eco-Friendly Products


In their 40 years of manufacturing, Pincinox have not had a single peg returned.




No matter how much sun they get, they will not get damaged or brittle and no matter what you use them for, they will not lose their spring (chunky, wet towels, we’re looking at you). This is an eco-friendly product you will pass on to your grandchildren. And, let us tell you, they will be thrilled!



Reason Two: No More Damaged Clothes 

Who isn’t sick of plastic or wooden clothes pegs damaging their favourite clothes? Between the mould and rust, your clothes have suffered enough!

Rust is definitely something you don’t need to worry about ever again because Pincinox stainless steel clothes pegs are guaranteed against rust for life. Yes. For life. You can see how these pegs end up being an heirloom!

Stainless steel pegs have no issues with mould or rot, no matter how often you leave them in the rain. They can even be frozen - for example for sealing a package that needs to go in the freezer. Yeah! You will quickly find new uses for these stainless steel pegs that you might never have thought of before.


Reason Three: Stainless Steel Pegs That are Tough Enough for Australian Conditions


The scorching sun, the pounding rain, the gale-force winds, the arctic frost (all in one day if you live in Hobart!) – no wonder plastic and wooden clothes pegs fall apart almost instantly.

Australian weather conditions are no joke and neither are stainless steel pegs. Pincinox pegs are built and designed tough to survive Australian conditions, much like Australians themselves.


Pincinox Stainless Steel Pegs on washing line | Reuze It


Apart from all the benefits already mentioned, their super strong grip means you will never have to knock on your neighbour’s door asking for your underwear again (do you even need any more reasons to make the switch?)!

Side note: they can also survive whatever your crazy little inventor (aka child) throws at them.




Suddenly really need Pincinox stainless steel clothes pegs in your life? We don’t blame you.




Reason Four: Pincinox Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Have a Lifetime Warranty


Clothes pegs with a lifetime warranty? Yep, Pincinox are that serious about the whole ‘passing them onto your grandchildren’ thing!

If that’s not an eco-friendly product, we don’t know what is. Not only are they guaranteed for life against rust and defects, your new stainless steel clothes pegs are also backed by a 12 month money-back guarantee.

Having said that, in their 40 years of manufacturing, Pincinox have not had a single peg returned. Not one!


Reason Five: Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs That Will Seriously Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

Really the reason most people look into stainless steel pegs is for their reduced impact on the environment. While most stainless steel pegs will do the trick, Pincinox pegs again go above and beyond by being the type of pegs you will only buy once in your lifetime and then pass on to your grandkids, remember?

All the things we’ve already discussed mean you will never need to replace your Pincinox stainless steel pegs because you will never need to throw them away. That’s a lifetime’s worth of plastic clothes pegs that are not going into our oceans and into landfill.

A lifetime’s worth.

We think that makes these pegs one of the most eco-friendly products you will ever purchase.

Stainless Steel Pegs | Reuze It | Eco Friendly Product



Bonus Reason

They’re a sleek, elegant design. So much so, they would make a great gift!

Sure they’re not the present you dreamed of when you were 16 but let’s face it, you’d be ecstatic to find Santa left this for you on Christmas Day #adulting



There you go, stainless steel pegs really are a purchase for life and all their extra benefits absolutely earn them their eco-friendly stripes. We think that’s worth getting excited about!



Are you excited too? Grab your Pincinox Stainless Steel Pegs now



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