Organic Cotton Bread Bag
Organic Cotton Bread Bag
Organic Cotton Bread Bag

Organic Cotton Bread Bag

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An environmentally friendly way to bring your bakery goods home. This bread bag is 43cm x 26cm, the perfect size for a loaf, bread rolls or even some yummy Hot Cross Buns. Made with organic cotton, this lightweight, eco friendly bag will help divert single use plastic bags from landfill.


  • Organic Cotton
  • 43 long x 26cm wide
  • Replaces single use plastic bags

Eco-friendly Cotton Bread Bags

There’s nothing like walking into your local bakery, smelling the scent of fresh bread and buying yourself a loaf to take home. But how annoying is it when you go to make a delicious sandwich a few days later only to find that it’s as hard as a rock?


The Benefits of Using a Bread Bag

??If you’ve been searching for a way to ward off staleness?? – the answer is a Reuze It bread bag! Made of breathable, organic cotton and featuring an easy drawstring closure, they are the perfect solution for transporting and storing your fresh bakery purchases. They are ideal for all types of bread, whether you prefer a focaccia, continental or sourdough loaf. Bread bags are also great for baked goods like scones, muffins and croissants. Cotton bread bags are sturdy and durable so they can be used time and time again. They are also easily washable and freezer safe – so you’ll probably want more than one!


Make Your Bread Last Longer with a Cotton Bread Bag

Do your bread justice by ditching the single-use plastic next time you go to the bakery with an eco-friendly cotton bread bag. Browse the complete Reuze It range of reusable products to reduce your household waste, including our stylish jute shopping bags. These are always good to have on hand for any unplanned purchases. Reuze It is the leading destination to purchase simple yet practical alternatives to single-use plastic products.