Fabric Wrapping Paper - Jade & Midnight Double Sided

Fabric Wrapping Paper - Jade & Midnight Double Sided

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The richness of Jade with gold accents and the deep midnight blue with fun gold reindeer horns makes this the perfect timeless Christmas FabRap.  Since it’s double sided, your giftee could save it to use next Christmas, or use it on the Jade side and pass it onto another lucky recipient during the year. 

Our premium high quality 100% organic fabrics add to the value of every gift given while looking after our precious resources at the same time. We use cotton ‘cambric’ fabric which is soft, yet durable enough to stand the test of time so that our FabRaps can be handed from recipient to recipient for years to come.


3 Pack – 1 of each size

Small – 35cm x 35cm

Medium – 55cm x 55cm

Large – 75cm x 75cm